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Paved Curb Repair Atlanta, GA

Nothing lasts forever!  Even though properly placed concrete should be one of longest lasting improvements on your property, many factors can affect its life cycle.  Among these are poor grading, cracks that allow moisture penetration, and swelling of soils.

Repair Your Curb, Set a Good Impression:

Imagine you are going to visit a brand new doctor. You pull up to the doctor’s office and the pavement is rough, cracked, the paint is chipping and the curb has chunks of concrete missing and crumbling. What kind of impression does that set? A doctor is supposed to be a master of precision procedures, and they can’t even keep their parking lot up to date! This is a common story unfortunately. Repairing the concrete and asphalt at your business is, sometimes surprisingly, important to how your customers view your business.

At Wildcat, we  perform  concrete work from new installation of curb and gutter, repair of existing curb and gutter, intallation of concrete dumpster pads, and storm drain cover replacement.  We never use concrete without a specified structural strength less than 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch).   We often combine our asphalt repairs with concrete repairs so that a long term solution is accomplished rather than using a “band aid” approach.


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