How Do I Know How Many Cars My Parking Lot Can Hold?

How Do I Know How Many Cars My Parking Lot Can Hold?

Knowing how many cars your parking lot can hold may help determine how much sales your business can expect to have. Businesses want to make sure they have enough parking spaces to accommodate their customers. If the parking lot is full, then customers will go to another establishment rather than wait for a parking spot.

How can you find out how many cars your parking lot can hold? The size of the car does not matter, as parking spaces are all the same size. The parking spaces are measured in two different ways. One ways is to compare the square feet of the floor space of your business, then have the parking spaces three times that size, or a 3: 1 ratio. The second way is to have 300 square foot of parking spaces for each 1,000 square foot of space in your business. For example, if your business has 20, 000 square foot, then you have 175 parking spaces.

To know the exact numbers of parking spaces for cars that your parking lot can hold is to hire a contractor who will measure the parking lot, then add the appropriate amount of space for each parking space. You will also have to consider having plenty of room for walking, carts, and lighting. This will take away from any parking. Each parking space will be lined out to the correct width and length. The contractor will know exactly how many cars will be able to park in your parking lot.

Having your parking spaces striped will not only make the parking lot look better, but will keep each car parking in their own parking space. This eliminates the problem of cars parking anywhere they choose to park. The stripes will also keep cars safer along with providing that limit for other drivers. When your parking stripes start to fade, then it is recommended to have the stripes redone. There is nothing worse than a parking lot not being maintained, as customers may feel that the owner doesn’t care about the customers’ vehicles or their business.

There are several ways to find out how many cars can be parked in your parking lot. Having your contractor do this for you will provide you with an exact number of cars that you can expect to park in your parking lot.

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