Asphalt Patching For A Pothole-Free Parking Lot in Atlanta, GA

Parking lots are a terrible spot for potholes since there is a high traffic and customers walking throughout. Our Atlanta customer can relate. He called us after noticing how bad his parking lot had become. We were able to schedule our service at a time that worked well for them with minimal disturbances to their business. To begin our work, we took a broom to clean and sweep pothole removing all loose debris from the area for the fresh asphalt. We added just enough of the pothole patch to adequately fill the area. We used a tamper to compact the material. Since the area is compacted, it can be driven on immediately. We were very neat throughout the process of the patching and cleaned up all materials when we were done. The parking lot was much safer by the time we were ready to leave and know that the customers will appreciate the fix!

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Atlanta Parking Lot  Pothole Patch