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Lawrenceville Sealcoating Provides Solid Surface for Hard Work

Wildcat Striping & Sealing received a call from a Lawrenceville gym owner. The gym owner wanted to convert a garage space into a space built for crossfit, and they needed to get Lawrenceville sealcoating that healthy workout enthusiasts would be impressed and motivated by, and that is why they contacted Wildcat Striping & Sealing.

The Wildcat Striping & Sealcoating specialists arrived at the gym, and looked over the space. Our team would be able to meet the needs of the gym and all the trainers. We started the sealcoating, and then Wildcat Striping & Sealcoating also striped the sealcoated asphalt with markings that would work for specific exercises after the gym owner provided them with a design. This would make it so much easier for the athletes to do their cross fit training and exercises. The athletes could work on each exercise with ease, and without the fear of running into another trainer. When we were finished the owner and all the athletes were thrilled with the sealcoating and asphalt striping that we provided in the space. The customer said that he was happy that he called the sealcoating Lawrenceville athletes could appreciate and enjoy. Everyone was anticipating the sealcoating being finished, because this added space would provide a designated area that they could work out and practice their routines. Wildcat Striping & Sealing is the sealcoating specialists that all businesses call for all asphalt needs. We provide quality sealcoating and striping that is effective.

Roswell Asphalt Contractor Creates Convenience

Wildcat Striping & Sealing received a call from a local bank in town. The Roswell bank had made many smart decisions and was doing very well. The bank decided that they would add drive-through banking, and got all of the infrastructure they would need to the proposal stage. They needed a reasonable bid from an asphalt contractor Roswell banking customers would be able to trust. They called Wildcat Striping & Sealing, and got everything take care of, and now are moving forward with their plans, in part thanks to Wildcat Striping & Sealing’s reasonable estimate.

Wildcat Striping & Sealing would provide new asphalt for the bank’s new drive-through. The pathway would match the existing parking lot of the bank, and we could provide the recommended width to meet all vehicle’s needs, which was important for the bank. We went through different options, then together we came up with an affordable plan and price that the bank couldn’t refuse. The bank is moving forward with their plans with the extension of the drive-through, and Wildcat Striping & Sealing will be the asphalt Contractor Roswell businesses recommended. Our high quality craftsmanship, reasonable rates, and our trained crew members are the reasons for our success. Wildcat Striping & Sealing has been the asphalt contractor in Roswell for over thirty five years. We are an established and qualified company that always puts our customers first. We back all work with a warranty, and Roswell customers depend on our asphalt services.

Asphalt Potholes Repaired for a Marietta Property Management Group

We received a phone call from a property management group in Marietta, GA for some asphalt repairs. This company has hired us in the past for asphalt paving, but this time they had multiple spots that needed work. There were potholes scattered on three main locations, causing a safety hazard for the residents. We began by sweeping the holes clear of dirt and rock and spraying water to remove the excess. We poured in the asphalt repair mix and used a roller to compact the material to the base. Our customer said we were timely and professional throughout the process and caused little disruption to the tenants. For information on complete asphalt repairs in Marietta, click here!

Marietta pothole patching Marietta pothole repair

Conyer Parking Lot Sealcoat for Business

We recently completed a sealcoat and re-striping for a commercial property in Conyers, GA. The parking lot was in relatively good condition, but there were hairline cracks all throughout the lot. The asphalt had sun damage and needed repair work. The cracks needed immediate attention because they would only worsen over time.  Once water gets beneath the surface, it causes deterioration and weakens the strength of the asphalt. We poured the sealcoat material over the surface and evened it out. This would aid in strengthening the asphalt and make the lot look brand new! We finished off with white striping for the parking stalls. Our customer loves the results. For details on Conyer’s best asphalt contractor, click here!

Conyers re-stripe

Happy Customer After Parking Lot Sealcoat & Striping in Smyrna, GA

In Smyrna, GA, we had a sealcoat and striping service scheduled for a commercial parking lot. The asphalt had maintenance work done in recent years, so the asphalt was in decent condition. However, the crack fills left stripes throughout the lot that were unattractive. A fresh sealcoat would brighten the lot with a rich black color and with new striping, the lot would look dramatically better. The sealcoat would not only hide the old marks from the crack filling, but fill any other shallow cracks, to provide a durable surface for the upcoming year.  Our customer said that Wildcat Striping & Sealing is the only company they use for any of their asphalt services because we get it right the first time. The parking lot looks brand new! For information on Smyrna’s premium asphalt contractors, click here! 

Smyrna sealcoat Smyrna Striping

Tenants Love Their New Sealcoated Driveway in Rosewell, GA

Wildcat Striping & Paving was scheduled for a sealcoat and re-striping service in Roswell, GA. The customer needed his road sealcoated. It was a private road and driveway that had faded significantly over the years. Years ago, our customer looked online and found us, and have been hiring us ever since for their asphalt jobs. The Wildcat Striping & Paving crew arrived promptly on time, as scheduled. The crew worked to get the asphalt ready for the sealcoat and striped where necessary. It took us until the afternoon to finish the job. We invited the customer to come and take a look. He was pleased once again and said he appreciates how we are always on time and follow phrasing plans. The tenants love the new driveway and road! Click here for information on Roswell’s favorite asphalt contractor

Roswell Seal Coat Roswell Sealcoat

Douglasville Asphalt Contractor provides Improvements for Student Orgs and More

A month ago, a grocery store owner was approached by the local high school volleyball team asking if the store would allow them to do a car wash in their parking lot. The local high school volleyball team was going to try to raise money for their team, and they thought a car wash would be an excellent way to do that. The grocery store owner agreed to let the team use his parking lot for the car wash. After the event was held the store owner took a look at the parking lot as a whole and realized that he needed to have most of the parking lot sealcoated, so he called the best asphalt contractor Douglasville residents could trust, which was Wildcat Striping & Sealing.

Wildcat Striping & Sealing met with the owner of the store and agreed that sealcoating would be a great idea. The sealcoating would enhance the lot’s appearance along while protecting the asphalt from deterioration and damages. Sealcoating is one of the most affordable options that business owners can do for their parking lot, and it will keep their parking lot lasting longer, which is a good investment. The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived at the parking lot and started the sealcoating project. When the parking lot was sealcoated it looked amazing. The customer was upbeat and happy with the sealcoating that our team had provided, and was thankful that he contacted the asphalt contractor Douglasville parking lot owners call for all their sealcoating and maintenance services.

Sealcoat and Striping for Conyers Asphalt Parking Lot

In Conyers, Georgia, we provided a sealcoat and re-striping for the parking lot owned by a long-time customer. In the image below, you can see a glimpse of the transformation that our services made. When we arrived, the asphalt was a light gray color and had hairline cracks scattered throughout the lot. We added an even layer of sealcoating, which brightened the asphalt dramatically; it looks great now! The property owner said, “we always use Wildcat for our locations. Once again, we look like a brand new store!” Check out our work in photos below. For information on Conyer’s leading asphalt services, click here!

Aldi-Conyers-2 Aldi-Conyers-4 Aldi-Conyers-5

Decatur, GA Asphalt Overlay Fixes Drainage Problem & Cracks

A customer in Decatur, GA gave us a call for his parking lot that was needing some major help. When we arrived for the estimate, we saw that the parking lot was covered with cracks. We informed our customer of what our plan was to not only fix the surface, but the drainage problem and he agreed to the price. The problem with asphalt cracks is that water seeps into the crack and creates further issues that can be costly. We began the repair by applying an overlay of 1-inch Permaflex (which is rock mixed with tar). Then we added 1-inch of asphalt on top. Our customer said we did a good job and we were knowledgable about draining issues and were able to fix them. For Decatur’s trustworthy asphalt overlay contractor, click here! 

 Decatur overlay decatur permflex

New Guardrails Installed for School in Lilburn, GA

Wildcat Striping and Paving not only provides asphalt services, but we install guardrails, too. In Lilburn, GA, we installed a new guardrail at a school field house. This was built just in time for the school year to begin and those Fall sports. We knew there would be a time crunch for this, because school would start up up the following week. Our team worked well together and we were able to complete the project by the estimated completion date. Our customer said we did a great job! Now the students will be safe, as well as vehicles on the road. Check out the results below! For information on Lilburn’s number one guardrail contractors, click here!

Lilburn guardrails 

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