Buford Parking Lot Sealing & Re-Striping Meets Deadline!

Buford Parking Lot Sealing & Re-Striping Meets Deadline!

We recently completed a job in Buford, Georgia for a parking lot sealing and re-striping service. Our customer had a time crunch for this job, and had a deadline of when they needed the services to be completed by. A sealing service is a preventative measure that is designed to help protect asphalt. It is ideal to have the asphalt sealed every 2-3 years depending on its condition.

Prior to the sealing application, we cleaned off the asphalt, making sure that it was free from dirt and debris. We hosed off the asphalt for a deep clean and began applying the sealcoat. It is squeegeed across the surface for a smooth finish. Between the time of finding us online, contacting us, to the completion of the service, our customer said that everything went seamlessly! We were able to meet their deadline in a well-organized manner. Check out the photo below of what the parking lot looked like after the sealing!

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