Keeping Roads Safe With Atlanta Pothole Patching

Potholes are not only an eye sore, but can add costly repairs to your vehicle if you don’t notice them. We had a customer in Atlanta, GA with multiple potholes scattered along the side of a road. There had been spots where water pooled in the damaged asphalt from the freeze and thaw cycles and only got worse with time. The heavy traffic only made the damage worse. We arranged for a time to come out during the day when there was less traffic and barricaded the problem areas. We cut away rectangles of asphalt and dug away the broken asphalt. Then we poured asphalt repair mix into the hole and spread around until it was level. We compacted the surface with a vibratory roller and the job was complete! Our customer told us we were organized, courteous and did a great job! Check out our work in the photo below:

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Atlanta Pothole Patch