New Speed Bumps Create a Safer Parking Ramp In Atlanta, GA

One of our customers in Atlanta, Georgia needed speed bumps installed in their parking deck. Cars were going too fast through the ramp and speed bumps were the perfect solution. Our team came out to the parking ramp during hours when the ramp was not utilized, so our work wouldn’t be an inconvenience. To create the bumps, we marked off a measured area and poured asphalt on top of the existing surface. Before it cooled, we gently molded it with tools to create a bump, which we compacted as it cooled. Then we used a vibratory roller to smooth out any bumps and to make the surface sturdy. Our customer said we did a great job of not making a mess, even though we were working with loose asphalt. They said the bumps resulted in a significant slow down and created as safer parking ramp.

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Atlanta speed bump