Woodstock Pothole Patching Done With Great Efficiency

Woodstock Pothole Patching Done With Great Efficiency

Our team was assigned to a job in Woodstock, Georgia for a pothole patching. Potholes are formed when there has been an increase in rain, snow and moisture. Especially with the weather Georgia endures, potholes can be formed from a single crack that had previously been ignored.

To begin, we cleaned the area from any loose material or debris. Then, we poured the pothole repair directly from the bag into the hole. After we had a few inches of space left, we tamped it and used a crack filler tool to compact the material into the hole. When we were done, our customer said he was surprised by how fast the process was from start to finish. We had very knowledgable people doing the work, so the process was very efficient!

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Woodstock Pothole Patch

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