Asphalt Repair in Atlanta For Neighborhood Safety

Asphalt Repair in Atlanta For Neighborhood Safety

Atlanta Asphalt Repair done by Wildcat Striping

Wildcat Striping was called in to a nearby neighborhood to do Asphalt Repair in Atlanta. Our team has worked with this particular client many times in the past few years, and we were glad to receive the call because we thoroughly enjoy working with them. They needed us to repair a speed bump that had some major chunks missing, which was making it diffi ult to enter and exit the community (and wasn’t doing much to deter speeders as it had been worn down over the years).

Wildcat does Asphalt Repair for Atlanta Neighborhood

Our crew members went out the the site to examine the extent of the work that would need to be done, and gave our returning a customer an estimate. They barely looked at it before agreeing to get us on the job because we have a working history together and they know us and trust as an honest and professional company. We always love repeat business because it means that we’re doing a good job, and we like familiar faces as well!

Our crew went out and did the repairs to the speed bump. We showed our customer the work we had performed and they knew they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. We built up the speed bump so that it would provide a safe and convenient access point to the neighborhood while giving parents and neighbors piece of mind.

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