Parking lot wheel stop installation in Union City, GA

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving recently installed new wheel stops in addition to new signage installation for a commercial client in Union City, GA. We also installed rubber speed bumps to help with traffic flow.

This client is a regular client of ours and knows we are the best company around for parking lot maintenance in the Union City area, so they knew who to call when they wanted to have wheel stops installed. They wanted their parking lot to be safer for clients and they also wanted the flow of traffic to be more defined.

They gave us a call to have us go over options for them. We discussed the available options and they chose rubber wheel stops, which are made of recycled rubber so they are eco-friendly. Rubber wheel stops don’t break easily or chip and they don’t pose as much of a hazard as other materials.

Our crew arrived on a Friday morning and began by removing all of the signs prior to installing the rubber wheel stops. We also installed a total of 22 sections of rubber speed bumps in 6’ sections, to create a total of 11 speed bumps across the entire parking lot with 22 end pieces. Since we also had to take the signs down for the project, we re-installed new galvanized post and signage while we are on site. We had it all done within one day.

The client was thrilled with the way this project helped with traffic flow and will call us again for future parking lot maintenance needs.

Warehouse Line Striping and Shot Blasting Project in Forest Park, GA

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving is the leading commercial striping company in the Atlanta Metro Area, which is why we recently had the opportunity to perform an interior shot blasting and line striping project for a commercial client in Forest Park GA.

The client, who is a long time customer of ours, owns a local bush shop. The floor was losing some if its coating and the paint was also deteriorating, requiring a new coat. The owner gave us a call, knowing he could count on us for the job.

We got to the site later that day as our experts were already in the area. We looked at the floor inside of the shop and decided that shot blasting would be the best avenue to take, prior to adding any new line striping.

Wildcat can do shot blasting not only on exterior surfaces but also interior, including walls, underpasses, pools, ceilings and more. Shot blasting helps to ensure that the surface is clean and ready to receive a new coat of paint with maximum adhesion.

Our crew arrived on a Tuesday and started out by abrading the existing surface to adequately clean it. We shot blasted about 600 linear feet of flooring to ensure the paint would adhere better, followed by 1 coat of yellow latex paint and 1 coat of polyurethane.

The floor looks great now and the customers said our finished job was exactly what they wanted.

Thermoplastic Striping Near Marietta GA

As the leading parking lot striping company in Georgia, the experts at Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving recently completed a parking lot striping and signage project for a local commercial client in Adairsville (just north of Marietta GA)

The parking lot and roadway at this local business center was due for an update. One of the biggest signifiers for this particular lot was that the parking lines and road striping was not easily seen during certain weather. This posed as a liability hazard to the owner of the property and the area’s general contractor, who we have worked closely with for years, recommended that we be contacted right away to have the lot repaired.

Our expert striping crew started the project on a Friday, with certified flagmen on site to ensure a safe environment throughout all stages of the project. We used thermoplastic striping on the roadways, which is known for its durability, longevity and reflectivity. Wildcat recommends thermoplastic striping on highly trafficked areas, including busy parking lots and roadways. Another benefit of thermoplastic paint is that it lasts much longer than regular latex paint. We also applied standard traffic paint on parking stalls in addition to adding in new signage to ensure proper and safe traffic flow.

The newly updated parking lot looks fantastic and visitors can now see the lines, signs, and parking stalls any time of day and in any weather. Our clients are pleased.

Atlanta Parking Lot Maintenance Project

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving is Atlanta, GA’s most trusted pavement maintenance company, which is why we were trusted to do another parking deck removal and re-striping project for a customer.

This long-time customer of ours who owns a popular parking deck in Atlanta reached out to us because it was time for the parking deck to be restriped. It is recommended that parking decks be re-striped fairly regularly to enhance curb appeal while maintaining the safety of customers. As part of our pavement maintenance program, we periodically reach out to current clients to touch base when enough time has passed for new parking lot striping. We called the client who agreed to have us come out and work on his parking deck as soon as we could fit him in.

We determined that all levels of the parking garage needed to have parking deck removal, parking deck washing and re-striping. We removed the existing striping on all levels with shotblasting, which helps us to remove the deck of any existing paint, oil, stains, salt or any other contaminants. Without scarification, the existing parking garage could be damaged – plus this process helps to ensure proper adhesion for the paint. Once we cleared the decks, we re-striped all four levels, matching the existing layout on each level with chlorinated rubber traffic marking, HC logos and access signs and centerline, in addition to adding digits to parking stalls.

The parking garage looks good as new and the client is happy, as usual. He said that Wildcat is known to be the best when it comes to striping parking decks.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Decatur GA

For almost forty years, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has been serving Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas with top notch asphalt paving work. These days, we provide commercial clients with a wide variety of paving services from asphalt paving, to road work, to parking lot maintenance. 

One of our valued clients in Decatur, GA is member of our full service parking lot maintenance program. As part of our maintenance services, we check back with our clients on a regular basis to make sure their paving is performing well. It was time for this particular customer’s site inspection, which involves evaluating the overall pavement condition, identifying hazards and/or damage, and then providing a detailed recommendation for repair or maintenance work. 

This Decatur, GA parking lot was thankfully in good shape as far as the asphalt paving went, but the traffic paint and striping was dangerously faded. Many types of parking lot striping are designed with safety in mind, such as parking lot spaces, painted concrete curbs, lane striping, and crosshatching. Other types of parking lot signage like markings on handicapped parking spaces or stripes on ramps are meant to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We were able to repaint all the striping and signage on this Decatur, GA parking lot using high quality reflective traffic paint. We have strong relationships with suppliers to provide the highest quality products, whether that’s asphalt, sealants, or paint. Our client was so pleased with the new striping that they’ve vowed to always use Wildcat.

Line Striping and Sealcoating project near Lawrenceville GA

One of our long-term commercial partners recently contacted us about their warehouse just north of Lawrenceville Ga in Buford. They needed to provide safe, visible parking spaces for their forklifts. When one of our experienced estimators visited the project site, and they noticed that the concrete floor needed to be sealed before any striping could be laid down.

When properly installed, concrete is one of the most durable paving and flooring options out there. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to wear and tear. Over time, hairline cracks can disrupt the smooth surface and become dangerous. To keep concrete paving or flooring smooth, a professional paving company can pour a layer of epoxy resin that seals and protects the surface.

Our parking lot experts put down a layer of epoxy sealant on around 3,000 square feet of warehouse floor, adding years to its life. After it was cured, the epoxy provided not only grip to prevent accidents but also a smooth surface on which to apply traffic paint. 

With our employees’ experience in installing parking lot and road striping, creating forklift parking spaces for our commercial client was no problem. We successfully laid down over 800 linear feet of high quality traffic paint formulated for visibility and durability, and our client could get back to work quickly. Our client said their new forklift parking area was great! 

Since 1980, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has been providing the Atlanta, Georgia area with top notch paving and parking lot services. We’ve stayed up to date with all the latest in asphalt paving, and we’ve become the most trusted parking lot maintenance company in the area. If you need help with a paving problem on a commercial property, contact one of our estimators today.

Top Asphalt Company in Atlanta GA complete parking lot maintenance

Since 1980, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has become the go-to for all kinds of asphalt paving services in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Our paving services range from DOT-compliant road work to commercial asphalt paving, but our greatest expertise is in parking lots. We can help our commercial Atlanta area clients with everything from asphalt parking lot installation, to professional striping and signage, through ongoing pavement maintenance.

A long-time commercial partner in Atlanta, GA contacted us recently about a small parking lot on their property. Their parking spaces were cramped, concrete pillars were in the way, and the traffic flow was frustrating both customers and employees. We sent one of our professional paving consultants over right away.

The parking lot expert from Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving listened closely to our client’s concerns, inspected the existing parking lot, consulted local traffic and parking regulations, and provided a detailed proposal. Working closely with our valued client, we designed a parking lot with an improved traffic flow, clearly marked spaces, and safety paint on hazards.

Our paving professionals were able to quickly get to work, first by sandblasting off the existing signage and striping. Next, we used high quality reflective traffic paint to create a dozen new parking spaces, labeled compact spaces, as well as numbered all spaces. Our professionals also painted improved traffic lanes and marked the concrete pillars to make them more visible. Our client loved the new parking lot design, but they were most impressed with the improved flow of traffic.

Asphalt Sealcoating and Parking Lot re-striping in Atlanta GA

The expert pavers at Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving completed an asphalt sealcoating & parking lot re-striping project for a local bank branch just northwest of Atlanta, in Marietta, GA.

The bank branch owner is a long-time customer of Wildcat. As part of our client partner program, we follow up with past clients to remind them of the recommended timeframes for pavement maintenance. It had been over 4 years since we last sealcoated and striped the bank parking lot. We gave them a call to remind them and the client was very appreciative of the call. They asked us to come to the site to evaluate what needs done in person. During the visit, we noticed some additional crack sealing repair that needed to be done so we included that in the estimate in addition to the sealcoating and striping work.

We started the job on a Tuesday morning by air sweeping the pavement to clear all of the dirt and debris, ensuring that the sealcoating will adhere well to the pavement. We then applied hot rubberized crack sealant to any crack that was greater than ¼” wide. Then we taped off the edges of the perimeter and sprayed on our commercial grade sealcoating and topped the job off with our professional line striping.

The bank was very pleased with the look of their parking lot and for the excellent service. Thank you for choosing Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving for your parking lot needs!

Parking deck line striping in Atlanta GA

Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving did a parking deck striping job for several parking garages in Atlanta, GA.

The client, who owns multiple parking garages in the area is a previous customer of ours. We were happy to receive a phone call from him to inquire about having his parking deck striped as it didn’t have any visible markings.

We scheduled his project to begin the first part of the following week. We followed our typical parking lot striping preparation process. We began by cleaning the concrete surface and removing accumulated dirt and large debris. Then we ran the street cleaner over the surface of the pavement with detergents made for cleaning concrete. This helps to ensure that the striping lays nicely. We then allow the pavement to dry completely, scanning the surface for any stains that need to be spot cleaned. Glue, oil, mold and grease often require their own special type of cleaner. Once the pavement was cleaned at each job site, we completed the pavement markings as specified by the client, including parking spot boundaries, traffic direction arrows and parking spot numbers.

The newly striped parking lot decks look great and drivers are able to more easily navigate the flow of traffic in these areas. Thanks for working with Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving for your parking lot deck striping needs!

Successful parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA

Wildcat Striping is Metro Atlanta’s leading company in pavement marking, parking lot maintenance, and other asphalt overhauls. Wildcat Striping was founded in 1980 and currently employs staff experts with 15 – 20 years of tenure with the company. While most customers are located within the Metro Atlanta area, Wildcat Striping will travel out-of-state to complete a project at any customer’s request.

One of our recurrent customers contacted us to perform their parking deck striping job. As we have successfully completed projects for this customer in the past, we immediately began developing a plan to deliver another successful parking deck project.

Our team arrived at the project site with an organized plan. We presented a pragmatic quote for the parking deck striping project. As we have successfully completed parking deck projects in the past, we were confident that we could deliver the result our customer was looking for. Our customer was pleased with our quote and preparation.

We quickly went to work on the parking deck striping and markings. The customer needed both parking spaces striped, as well as directional arrows marked for the project. In a short period of time, we successfully completed the project with minimal disruption to the public. The customer was extremely pleased, stating, “Wildcat has striped almost every parking deck in Metro Atlanta. Nobody does it better [than Wildcat Striping].”

Our successful parking deck striping project in Atlanta, Georgia can be seen in the pictures below.

Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (1)
Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (2)