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Asphalt Repair and Pavement Maintenance Project in Atlanta GA

Atlanta GA’s premier paving company is Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving, and we have the expertise to tackle the worse pavement damage. We’re the Atlanta asphalt repair area experts on parking lot rehabilitation, and we recently got to help a national business upgrade their cracked parking lots with crack filling, seal coating, and line striping.

There are several ways to fill asphalt cracks, and the right method depends on how deep and wide the cracks are, where they area on the parking lot, and what the client’s budget will allow. Of course DIY crack fillers are available, but a permanent pavement fix requires professional crack sealing. We used hot crack filler in cracks in 3/8″ or wider because hot-pour asphalt products provide superior binding and flexibility, which means they stick to the asphalt and don’t just crack under the weight of passing vehicles.

After filling all the cracks in the parking lot, we sealed the entire area with two spray coats of asphalt emulsion sealer, which is a special blend of asphalt binders and liquid plastics that revitalizes gray, worn pavement and protects it against further wear. Professional sprayer application ensures an even coat, and our professional paving contractors were able to do it the same day as crack filling for an efficient repair. Once the sealer had cured, we repainted the lines for over 40 parking spaces, handicap parking signage, as well as traffic symbols.

At Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving, Atlanta GA’s best paving company, we’re happy to help all kinds of clients get their parking lots and roadways back to full function. We pride ourselves on doing it quickly and under budget, too. If your parking lot has cracks or is gray and crumbling, contact us right away to learn how we can help.

Atlanta Parking Lot Maintenance Project

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving is Atlanta, GA’s most trusted pavement maintenance company, which is why we were trusted to do another parking deck removal and re-striping project for a customer.

This long-time customer of ours who owns a popular parking deck in Atlanta reached out to us because it was time for the parking deck to be restriped. It is recommended that parking decks be re-striped fairly regularly to enhance curb appeal while maintaining the safety of customers. As part of our pavement maintenance program, we periodically reach out to current clients to touch base when enough time has passed for new parking lot striping. We called the client who agreed to have us come out and work on his parking deck as soon as we could fit him in.

We determined that all levels of the parking garage needed to have parking deck removal, parking deck washing and re-striping. We removed the existing striping on all levels with shotblasting, which helps us to remove the deck of any existing paint, oil, stains, salt or any other contaminants. Without scarification, the existing parking garage could be damaged – plus this process helps to ensure proper adhesion for the paint. Once we cleared the decks, we re-striped all four levels, matching the existing layout on each level with chlorinated rubber traffic marking, HC logos and access signs and centerline, in addition to adding digits to parking stalls.

The parking garage looks good as new and the client is happy, as usual. He said that Wildcat is known to be the best when it comes to striping parking decks.

Top Asphalt Company in Atlanta GA complete parking lot maintenance

Since 1980, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has become the go-to for all kinds of asphalt paving services in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Our paving services range from DOT-compliant road work to commercial asphalt paving, but our greatest expertise is in parking lots. We can help our commercial Atlanta area clients with everything from asphalt parking lot installation, to professional striping and signage, through ongoing pavement maintenance.

A long-time commercial partner in Atlanta, GA contacted us recently about a small parking lot on their property. Their parking spaces were cramped, concrete pillars were in the way, and the traffic flow was frustrating both customers and employees. We sent one of our professional paving consultants over right away.

The parking lot expert from Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving listened closely to our client’s concerns, inspected the existing parking lot, consulted local traffic and parking regulations, and provided a detailed proposal. Working closely with our valued client, we designed a parking lot with an improved traffic flow, clearly marked spaces, and safety paint on hazards.

Our paving professionals were able to quickly get to work, first by sandblasting off the existing signage and striping. Next, we used high quality reflective traffic paint to create a dozen new parking spaces, labeled compact spaces, as well as numbered all spaces. Our professionals also painted improved traffic lanes and marked the concrete pillars to make them more visible. Our client loved the new parking lot design, but they were most impressed with the improved flow of traffic.

Parking deck line striping in Atlanta GA

Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving did a parking deck striping job for several parking garages in Atlanta, GA.

The client, who owns multiple parking garages in the area is a previous customer of ours. We were happy to receive a phone call from him to inquire about having his parking deck striped as it didn’t have any visible markings.

We scheduled his project to begin the first part of the following week. We followed our typical parking lot striping preparation process. We began by cleaning the concrete surface and removing accumulated dirt and large debris. Then we ran the street cleaner over the surface of the pavement with detergents made for cleaning concrete. This helps to ensure that the striping lays nicely. We then allow the pavement to dry completely, scanning the surface for any stains that need to be spot cleaned. Glue, oil, mold and grease often require their own special type of cleaner. Once the pavement was cleaned at each job site, we completed the pavement markings as specified by the client, including parking spot boundaries, traffic direction arrows and parking spot numbers.

The newly striped parking lot decks look great and drivers are able to more easily navigate the flow of traffic in these areas. Thanks for working with Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving for your parking lot deck striping needs!

Successful parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA

Wildcat Striping is Metro Atlanta’s leading company in pavement marking, parking lot maintenance, and other asphalt overhauls. Wildcat Striping was founded in 1980 and currently employs staff experts with 15 – 20 years of tenure with the company. While most customers are located within the Metro Atlanta area, Wildcat Striping will travel out-of-state to complete a project at any customer’s request.

One of our recurrent customers contacted us to perform their parking deck striping job. As we have successfully completed projects for this customer in the past, we immediately began developing a plan to deliver another successful parking deck project.

Our team arrived at the project site with an organized plan. We presented a pragmatic quote for the parking deck striping project. As we have successfully completed parking deck projects in the past, we were confident that we could deliver the result our customer was looking for. Our customer was pleased with our quote and preparation.

We quickly went to work on the parking deck striping and markings. The customer needed both parking spaces striped, as well as directional arrows marked for the project. In a short period of time, we successfully completed the project with minimal disruption to the public. The customer was extremely pleased, stating, “Wildcat has striped almost every parking deck in Metro Atlanta. Nobody does it better [than Wildcat Striping].”

Our successful parking deck striping project in Atlanta, Georgia can be seen in the pictures below.

Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (1)
Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (2)

College Park Asphalt Maintenance Ends Up Great

College Park Asphalt Maintenance ProjectRecently, Wildcat Striping & Sealing received a call from a longtime customer of ours in College PArk. Our customer was needing to have their lot seal coated and restriped. They called us and we were able to service them quickly. We let them know that we could be out first thing Monday morning and the customer was pleased with the news.

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived bright and early Monday morning. The crew started prepping the parking lot for the sealcoating in the Atlanta area. The crew thoroughly power washed the entire parking lot to remove all the dirt and chemicals left on the parking lot by cars, then the crew filled a few cracks that was present, and then applied the sealcoating. The crew made sure that they didn’t interrupt any of the customers entering the business, then the crew returned to the parking lot the following morning to apply the stripes, which are done to meet the government standards for the city of Atlanta.A shot of our recent college park sealcoating work

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing finished the project and the customer said the parking lot looked like a new business, which was the best news we could have heard. We thrive to always provide our customers with the highest level of services, so we have returning customers who are pleased with the work that we provide, and this is why Wildcat Striping & Sealing is the Atlanta sealcoating experts that businesses can rely upon for quick and effective asphalt work.

Church Calls for Asphalt Patching Near Atlanta

Asphalt Paving in Atlanta church

Wildcat Striping & Sealing received a call from a Unitarian Church. The deacons called us back to see if we could do asphalt patching in Atlanta. We had done a job with them before in the past, and they told us that we always seem to exceed their expectations so they wanted Wildcat Striping & Sealing to do the near Atlanta asphalt patching for them this time too. They tasked us with patching two rectangular sections in the parking lot, and this was last fall, so we had to do a substantial sweeping before we could do the work. We had to do this to make sure all the leaves were out of the way. This is an essential step that our crew does before any asphalt patching is performed.

Atlanta Parking Lot Paving by wildcatThe Wildcat Striping & Sealing team did the sweeping necessary to clean the site, then started the asphalt patching. It didn’t take the team long before the parking lot was done. The deacons called us back the following week just to let us know that all the church members were happy that we had the parking lot patched and repaired because now the parking lot surface is smooth and safe. We let all of the Unitarian church members know that if they need professional asphalt patching near Atlanta they should call us here at Wildcat Striping & Sealing because we always strive to go that extra mile to provide superior asphalt services each and every time. Wildcat Striping & Sealing is dependable, affordable, and provides the best asphalt patching in Atlanta.

Atlanta Asphalt Paving for Grocery Store Facelift

Not too long ago, Wildcat Striping & Sealing was contacted by a grocery store owner. The grocery store owner thought his shop needed a facelift. The owner decided to have their parking lot redone and called the best company for asphalt paving Atlanta had to offer, and that company was Wildcat Striping & Sealing. We met with the owner and inspected his parking lot. We gave the owner some options and recommendations that would improve the look of the parking lot and the store, and the cost wouldn’t break the bank, which was important for the customer. He agreed and the Wildcat Striping & Sealing was scheduled to start first thing Monday morning.

On Monday morning the Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived at the location and started working on the project. The crew was going to expand the parking lot and do a few other things as well. At the end of the week the parking lot was completed. We were able to perform maintenance services and expand some of the existing lot for the customer. The grocery store owners were incredibly thrilled at how great a job Wildcat Striping & Sealing had done for them. The owner was impressed that we did the asphalt paving under budget and ahead of schedule. He said that our company was the asphalt paving experts Atlanta businesses could depend upon for quality work and craftsmanship. Wildcat Striping & Sealing went that extra mile just like we do for all our customers.

Asphalt Repair in Atlanta For Neighborhood Safety

Atlanta Asphalt Repair done by Wildcat Striping

Wildcat Striping was called in to a nearby neighborhood to do Asphalt Repair in Atlanta. Our team has worked with this particular client many times in the past few years, and we were glad to receive the call because we thoroughly enjoy working with them. They needed us to repair a speed bump that had some major chunks missing, which was making it diffi ult to enter and exit the community (and wasn’t doing much to deter speeders as it had been worn down over the years).

Wildcat does Asphalt Repair for Atlanta Neighborhood

Our crew members went out the the site to examine the extent of the work that would need to be done, and gave our returning a customer an estimate. They barely looked at it before agreeing to get us on the job because we have a working history together and they know us and trust as an honest and professional company. We always love repeat business because it means that we’re doing a good job, and we like familiar faces as well!

Our crew went out and did the repairs to the speed bump. We showed our customer the work we had performed and they knew they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. We built up the speed bump so that it would provide a safe and convenient access point to the neighborhood while giving parents and neighbors piece of mind.

Grand Openings Require Best Paving Atlanta can Offer

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Not long ago, Wildcat Striping & Sealing received a call from a company that needed four parking lots done for their store openings. Each store opening was scheduled just a few weeks apart. It was important and essential that the company had these parking lot paving projects completed on schedule, because they had already advertised the stores openings. Wildcat Striping & Sealing met with the customer at each location, then gave a price for the paving projects. Wildcat Striping & Sealing informed the customer that we would make sure the paving job were completed on time and on schedule, because we understand the importance of having a quality parking lot for the stores.

Wildcat Striping & Sealing was hired for the parking lot paving, and our crew worked continuously until each parking lot was paved. Wildcat Striping & Sealing took care of the parking lots at a fair price because we could see that this company was expanding, and Wildcat Striping & Sealing knows how to set up a quality business with the finest paving Atlanta can find. The stores all opened on time, and the customer was pleased with our outstanding paving work that we provided. The customer informed us that he really appreciated Wildcat for providing an affordable price for all of the parking lots, and the quality of work that our team delivered for him on such a short time frame.

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