Atlanta Parking Lot Maintenance Project

Atlanta Parking Lot Maintenance Project

Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving is Atlanta, GA’s most trusted pavement maintenance company, which is why we were trusted to do another parking deck removal and re-striping project for a customer.

This long-time customer of ours who owns a popular parking deck in Atlanta reached out to us because it was time for the parking deck to be restriped. It is recommended that parking decks be re-striped fairly regularly to enhance curb appeal while maintaining the safety of customers. As part of our pavement maintenance program, we periodically reach out to current clients to touch base when enough time has passed for new parking lot striping. We called the client who agreed to have us come out and work on his parking deck as soon as we could fit him in.

We determined that all levels of the parking garage needed to have parking deck removal, parking deck washing and re-striping. We removed the existing striping on all levels with shotblasting, which helps us to remove the deck of any existing paint, oil, stains, salt or any other contaminants. Without scarification, the existing parking garage could be damaged – plus this process helps to ensure proper adhesion for the paint. Once we cleared the decks, we re-striped all four levels, matching the existing layout on each level with chlorinated rubber traffic marking, HC logos and access signs and centerline, in addition to adding digits to parking stalls.

The parking garage looks good as new and the client is happy, as usual. He said that Wildcat is known to be the best when it comes to striping parking decks.

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