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Wildcat Striping & Sealing: Consistency is Key in Concrete Repair

Do you have a concrete structure in Atlanta that needs repair? Concrete construction lasts decades, but over time it will crack, and need repair. We have a variety of services in Atlanta that include new installation and repair of everything from sidewalks, to parking lots. It doesn’t matter who installed your concrete, we are here to help find you an affordable solution.

Parking lots and driveways are where we help most Atlanta residents and businesses with concrete problems. Often times they have a section of concrete that is broken. We saw out that section, then prepare the ground for new concrete to be installed. We are fortunate to have low turnover here at Wildcat, which means we have experienced employees who know what they are doing and how we work as a team here at Wildcat. When it comes to concrete repair in Atlanta, our staff is top notch.

We specialize in ADA compliance, which Includes the installation of ADA ramps or removing and replacing your existing ramp.  We also offer concrete grinding to get rid of any trip hazards.

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