Crack Filled During Marietta Asphalt Repair

A Marietta sporting goods supplier was helping one of his customers load their car when one of the weights slipped out of his hands and smashed onto the parking lot surface. This resulted in a large, unsightly crack directly in the middle of the parking lot, which the store owner did not like one bit. The store owner knew that the big crack was unsightly, but he also knew that it could possibly cause an injury to one of his customers or even their vehicles, so he called the best contractor for asphalt repair Marietta had to offer, which was Wildcat Striping & Sealing.

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew arrived at the location and the owner showed us the big crack. We put all his fears at ease and let him know that we could repair the crack by using our quality crack sealants. The crack sealants would fill the crack, then protect the base of the asphalt from moisture and water, which causes extreme damages to asphalt. The customer was pleased to hear this news and our crew started filling the crack with our sealants. Once the sealants were in place and the crack was successfully filled we let the customer know that the asphalt was durable and waterproof, but most of all was safe for his customers. The surface was completely smooth. He thanked us and said Wildcat Striping & Sealing was able to do the job extremely quickly and effectively and was impressed with our professionalism.