Crack Sealing Atlanta | Cement and Asphalt Crack Sealing Atlanta

The proper use of quality crack sealants extends the pavement lifecycle of any Atlanta pavement.  It’s all about getting the longest life out of your pavement at the least cost.  Preservation can cost very little and make a big difference. It’s like a car engine, if you buy a new car and drive it around for years without ever getting the oil changed, the car is going have a significantly shorter life.

Applying a superior crack sealant to your stops damage caused by water.  It prevents rapid destruction by forming a durable, waterproof bond that effectively welds your pavement back together.  When applied by skilled tradesmen who care and take the time to address the details of the job, our crack seal fills in, levels and smooth’s the cracked surface of any Atlanta pavement.

Other positive effects of crack sealing Atlanta pavements:

-Eliminate trip hazards in parking lot and driveways. 

-It improves the surface on roadways for a better driving experience.

Our crack sealant has excelled in independent laboratory tests, research studies, and the real world situations. Wildcat Striping & Sealing only uses products that comply with or exceed government standards.  We apply crack sealant with great skill, so you get the best performance and longest life from your asphalt pavement.

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