Enhancing Asphalt Durability With Parkinglot Sealcoating Macon GA

Enhancing Asphalt Durability With Parkinglot Sealcoating Macon GA

Wildcat Striping recently undertook the comprehensive project: “Enhancing Asphalt Durability With Parking lot Sealcoating Macon GA.”  The experts at Wildcat provided crack fill, striping, and curb painting to address the customer’s needs. The client’s concerns centered on preserving the asphalt’s integrity, prompting Wildcat to employ strategic solutions.

For the sealing aspect, a meticulous approach was adopted, incorporating two spray coats of GemSeal Polytar or Black Diamond sealer over approximately 6,944 square yards. Notably, the team included a third coating in the drive lane, covering around 3,891 square yards. They efficiently removed and reinstalled 41 wheel stops to ensure thorough seal coat application.
Regarding striping, the team opted for a single coat of traffic paint, refreshing 157 single-lined spaces, 6 handicap stencils, and roughly 360 linear feet of crosshatching. Demonstrating efficiency, they managed three mobilizations within the striping scope.

Additionally, Wildcat provided the option to revamp up to 240 linear feet of yellow curbs, seamlessly integrating it with the site striping scope.
The client’s satisfaction was evident in their glowing testimonial, praising Wildcat’s punctuality and exceptional work. This successful project stands as a testament to Wildcat Striping’s commitment to delivering durable, high-quality asphalt solutions across various locations in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond.

Moreover, there was an option to restripe up to 240 linear feet of yellow curbs, all completed during the same mobilization as the other site striping scope. The client expressed high satisfaction, commending Wildcat for their punctuality and remarkable workmanship.

Wildcat’s dedication to excellence and meticulous approach underscores their commitment to delivering top-notch results, solidifying their reputation as a reliable and proficient service provider in the industry.

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