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Handicap spaces and signsWildcat: Supplier and Installer of Fire Lane & Handicap Signs in Atlanta

Handicap and fire lane signs are typically 12” x 18” on a .080 thick aluminum sign.  Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving keeps all of the Georgia required handicap and fire lane signs in stock and ready to install.

More often than not these signs are mounted 7’ from the bottom of the sign to the ground on any of the standard posts – type 7 square channel, green channel, galvanized channel, galvanized round, galvanized square or wooden post.

Handicap Signs for Atlanta Parking

These signs can also be mounted on walls or on posts that are set in a steel bollard to protect them from being knocked down by moving vehicles.  Atlanta Handicap signs must be installed very close to the parking space so that there is no question as to which space is reserved for handicap parking. For each parking lot there will be a specific number of handicap spaces depending on the total number of spaces in the parking lot.

Atlanta Fire Lane Signs

Fire lane signs are installed along the curb line at 30’, 50’ or 100’ intervals and they may be single faced or may be double faced. Of course local standards may differ so it is important to check with the inspector on your project to be sure you are in compliance. Remember all fire lane and handicap signs will be inspected for correct height, copy as well as position. Failure to pass these inspections could delay public access to your site.

Wildcat is experienced in meeting all of these requirements when installing fire lane and handicap signs in Atlanta. So call Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving to be sure the fire lane and handicap signs on your job are done right and on time.

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