Gainsville Parking Lot Seal Prevents Deteriorating & Looks Great!

In Gainesville, Georgia, our customer called us to seal their parking lot.  They found us through a Google search and gave us a call.  The parking lot was showing cracks, so we used AsPen sealer, which is a fast drying sealer to reduce the amount of time the lot was closed for.  This particular surface treatment is a clay-stabilized, mineral filled asphalt emulsion based pavement. It replenishes the binder that is lost through oxidation, weathering and aging that leaves the surface fresh and new again.  There are many benefits to this surface, like how it helps melt snow and ice faster than others, it only needs one coat application, the vivid black color makes it look new and it is environmentally friendly!  We were quick to get it done, pleasing the customer with a great looking parking lot.  Click to read more on Wildcat Striping the Parking Lot Sealing Solution.

Gainsville Seal