Line Removal Atlanta | Shotblasting & Grinding

100_0135Atlanta Concrete Line Removal has two options: Shotblasting and Grinding

If you need painted line removal from concrete or asphalt, Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving can help. For concrete pavement, shotblasting is a great option. Shotblasting is done with a machine that shoots very small steel shot out onto the concrete causing any paint, dirt, mastec, epoxy glue, or other coatings to be removed.  Our machines are self-vacuuming.  All surfaces are left dry and free from chemicals, dirt or contaminants.  This is the preferred method for removing coatings and or preparing concrete surfaces for new coating.  Shotblasting is NOT recommended for asphalt surfaces.


For asphalt line removal, Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving can remove any pavement marking found on your asphalt parking lot or public road. Markings are removed by grinding with an 8” or 10” walk behind scarifier like those manufactured by Smith Manufacturing. Currently this is the most cost effective method for removing markings on asphalt that are flaking and peeling or to prepare the area for a new striping pattern. Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving has been performing line removal services for more than 20 years in Atlanta. Our highly trained staff knows that time is money. They will use the best matched equipment for your job to insure that it is completed correctly and quickly to minimize inconvenience and downtime to your operation. For removal of markings on concrete please see our information under shot blasting.

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