How Long Does It Take To Seal a Parking Lot?

How Long Does It Take To Seal a Parking Lot?

It is important to seal a parking lot because it will extend the life of the asphalt, along with lowering maintenance costs of the asphalt. Sealing the parking lot will protect the asphalt from the hazardous effects of chemicals, water, elements of the weather, and other solvents. It also provides an attractive parking lot that is easier to clean.

The time it takes to seal a parking lot depends on the size of the parking lot. All parking lots are different and require different sealing procedures. Normally, two coats will be applied, but for larger parking lots it can take up to three coats of sealant. This will allow the asphalt to get a deep coating. Many contractors can have the sealing done as quick as one afternoon.

The drying time of the sealer should be a minimum of eight hours. This will allow the sealant to cure. During this dry time there should be no traffic driving on the parking lot. The sealer should not be applied if the weather is rainy or wet. If there is anticipation of rain or wetness in the weather forecast within eight hours of the sealant, then the sealant should be postponed. Rain is not the only weather condition that can cause problems with the sealant . The summer heat of over 90 degrees is not good unless the contractor first cools the parking lot with clean water. The water should not puddle up, but only dampen the parking lot. How Long Does It Take To Seal A Parking Lot photo

Additives can be added to the sealant to boost the performance of the sealant. Adding latex rubber additives can provide a faster drying for the parking lot. It will also allow the sealer to bond to the pavement better and more quickly. The pavement will be more resistant to oil and gas with this additive.

There are many ways that sealant can benefit a parking lot. The time to apply the sealant is fairly quick with a dry time of 8-24 hours. The sealant will enhance the beauty of the parking lot while also extending the life of the asphalt. A business owner wants their parking lot to look great and provide plenty of safe parking and walking for their customers. Sealant is a maintenance procedure that should be done every 2-5 years, depending on the condition of the lot area. It is affordable and will provide all your parking lot needs for you and so much more!

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