Marietta Parking Lot Re-striping and Sealing

Re-striping and Sealing in Marietta

8-26 Marietta Post

Last week, we were contacted to completely re-stripe and seal a parking lot in Marietta. This client was referred to us by a previous client, which is comforting to know that our work is so great that others recommend us. When we work to re-stripe and seal asphalt parking lots, the overall appearance and first impression is extremely positive. Our client was happy with the major improvement of the parking lot and how flawless and brand new it looked. They were also pleased with our clean up process, including how we cleaned up as we moved along and didn’t just leave a huge mess to clean in the end. This created a less stressful environment not only for us, but for the comfort of our client. The finished parking lot was beautiful, and we know we have gained another loyal customer!