Parking Lot Maintenance in Decatur GA

Parking Lot Maintenance in Decatur GA

For almost forty years, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has been serving Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas with top notch asphalt paving work. These days, we provide commercial clients with a wide variety of paving services from asphalt paving, to road work, to parking lot maintenance. 

One of our valued clients in Decatur, GA is member of our full service parking lot maintenance program. As part of our maintenance services, we check back with our clients on a regular basis to make sure their paving is performing well. It was time for this particular customer’s site inspection, which involves evaluating the overall pavement condition, identifying hazards and/or damage, and then providing a detailed recommendation for repair or maintenance work. 

This Decatur, GA parking lot was thankfully in good shape as far as the asphalt paving went, but the traffic paint and striping was dangerously faded. Many types of parking lot striping are designed with safety in mind, such as parking lot spaces, painted concrete curbs, lane striping, and crosshatching. Other types of parking lot signage like markings on handicapped parking spaces or stripes on ramps are meant to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We were able to repaint all the striping and signage on this Decatur, GA parking lot using high quality reflective traffic paint. We have strong relationships with suppliers to provide the highest quality products, whether that’s asphalt, sealants, or paint. Our client was so pleased with the new striping that they’ve vowed to always use Wildcat.

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