Parking Lot Maintenance in Stone Mountain, GA

Parking Lot Maintenance in Stone Mountain, GA

Wildcat Striping, Sealing, and Paving recently tackled a comprehensive parking lot maintenance in Stone Mountain, GA. The client sought assistance with various issues, including the need for seal coating, crack filling, re-striping, and the installation of signs and wheel stops. Upon being contacted for an estimate, Wildcat promptly initiated a solution-driven approach.

For the seal coating, approximately 915 square yards of asphalt were efficiently treated with one mobilization, accompanied by the application of 1000 linear feet of crack fill to relevant cracks within the 1/4″-3/4″ range. The re-striping process encompassed the restriping of 23 parking spaces, including the addition of 7 handicapped logos and 300 feet of crosshatching.

Furthermore, the installation of 10 handicap signs on green channel posts, coupled with the removal of two damaged existing signs, was seamlessly executed. Notably, three rubber wheel stops were also added at the original handicapped areas near the warehouse, ensuring enhanced safety.

The client expressed utmost satisfaction with Wildcat’s services, commending their professionalism and the job’s impeccable execution. Wildcat’s expertise and efficient handling have solidified their reputation as a reliable partner for all parking lot maintenance needs.

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