Paving Contractor Stripes Alpharetta Parking Lot

A grocery store owner in Alpharetta, Georgia contacted Wildcat Striping & Sealing to hire our company to stripe their parking lot. The grocery store owner wanted new stripes added to the parking lot, so his customers could park their vehicles with ease, and could clearly see the parking lot stripes. The grocery store owner called the best paving contractor Alpharetta is serviced by, and was happy to speak with his friends at Wildcat.

The Wildcat Striping crew arrived at the grocery store bright and early Monday morning. The crew thoroughly cleaned the parking lot to remove any oil, dirt, grime, and debris from the parking lot. Once the parking lot was cleaned the crew started the parking lot stripes. The Wildcat Striping crew started the first coat of striping. We offer one and two coats of striping for our customers, and two coats are normally done unless it is a restriping job, which this would be for the customer. The Wildcat Striping crew successfully restriped the parking lot, and it looked great. Any customer who arrived at the parking lot would clearly see the parking spots, which was the main concern for the grocery store owner.

Parking lot striping is essential for any business. It will provide a safe parking lot for the business and customers entering the business. Wildcat Striping & Sealing is the paving contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia who specializes is parking lot striping.