Thermoplastic Pavement Markings for Atlanta Roads and Walkways

Choose Wildcat for Thermoplastic Pavement Markings Atlanta

You may have come across Thermoplastic pavement markings on the streets in Atlanta. They have been developed as an alternative to traffic paint. Thermoplastic strips are melted onto pavement at 450 degrees (just slightly warmer than the Atlanta sun) creating a permanent bond between the thermoplastic and the pavement.  The strips are heavy duty, pre-cut pavement marking materials that often have a high gloss factor to increase reflectivity.

Preformed thermoplastic is a durable intersection grade pavement marking material that is pre-cut and ready to use out of the box.  Application is simple with a propane heat torch for use on asphalt or concrete surfaces.  In Atlanta, preformed thermoplastic is typically used for transverse markings such as crosswalks, legends, arrows, symbols, interstate shields and more.  It is often required on many public projects and airports.

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