Repairing Asphalt Roads Through Thermoplastic Striping Newnan, GA

Repairing Asphalt Roads Through Thermoplastic Striping Newnan, GA

Wildcat Striping, Sealing, and Paving completed a project called, “Repairing Asphalt Roads Through Thermoplatic Striping Newnan, GA.” This was a crucial thermoplastic project in Newnan, GA. The task at hand was the application of GDOT-approved thermoplastic striping, addressing the client’s need for precise and durable road markings. Having maintained a long-standing relationship with the customer, Wildcat promptly responded to their requirements.

This Newnan, GA, roadway improvement project’s scope included the installation of three crosswalks, each up to 60 feet, and four stop bars. Utilizing detailed plans and their knowledge of local roadway paving regulations, our striping contractors efficiently executed the crosswalk layout and asphalt striping, adhering to GDOT guidelines. Our comprehensive approach to line striping ensured the application of high-quality hot-applied thermoplastic, guaranteeing long-lasting and resilient road markings.

Post-completion, the client expressed utmost satisfaction, commending Wildcat’s punctuality and unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable road paving results. The positive feedback further highlights Wildcat’s reputation for consistently delivering top-notch asphalt roadway services. With its proficient application of GDOT-approved thermoplastic pavement markings and its customer-centric approach, Wildcat continues to solidify its position as a reliable and efficient solution provider in the pavement maintenance industry.

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