Snellville Asphalt Paving, Striping, & Sealing

Snellville, GA

Snellville residents have trusted Wildcat Striping & Sealing for their paving and asphalt needs since 1980. Due to weather conditions and frequent wear and tear, asphalt surfaces expand, crack, and buckle. Wildcat Striping & Sealing will help repair and maintain your asphalt pavement. We have experience with all types of projects, from parking lots to highway guardrails, to airport surfaces. We provide free estimates to all Snellville residents and businesses because we want you to feel comfortable asking us about options for your projects. We are dedicated to helping you, that is what we do.


Asphalt Striping and Sealing in Snellville

  • Crack Filling
  • Parking Lot Striping & Sealcoating
  • Thermoplastic Striping
  • Parking Deck Striping

Snellville Residents – Asphalt Paving

Whether you are looking for paving, overlay, milling, or lot installation services, will give you what you need! Known for our commitment to excellence, outstanding service, and dedication to high quality work, we are a leader in Snellville parking lot maintenance. Asphalt services include:

  • Paving:     Resurfacing existing asphalt pavement is one way to renew the pavement surface. We can restore the smoothness of your surface or increase the structural capacity
  • Milling:     removing the asphalt surface course and leaving the existing binder course undamaged
  • Lot Installation Services:     fixing potholes, rocks, or bumpy surfaces

We are able to supply services including asphalt paving, sealcoating, striping and a parking lot maintenance program with the highest quality of work at an affordable cost.

Parking Lot Maintenance in Snellville

We provide industry leading solutions to Snellville residents, such as:

  • Parking Lot Maintenance Programs:     Paving, Sealcoating, Crack Filling, Sealing & Repairs
  • Striping:     Parking Lot Striping, Warehouse Striping, & Thermoplastic Striping
  • Road Work:     DOT signs, Guardrail, Speed Bumps, Curb & Sidewalks


Information on Snellville

Just 18 miles east of Atlanta, Snellville, GA is a beautiful place for those who admire a small town feel away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. With a population of just over 20,000, residents of Snellville remain a close-knit community of individuals through the common gathering grounds of T.W. Briscoe Park. T.W. Briscoe park has a 7-acre lake, walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, athletic fields, and a large outdoor pool. Adults and children can sign up for programs offered at Briscoe Park, such as soccer, softball, flag-football, and summer day camp.

For the arts fanatics, the New London Theatre presents several plays throughout the year while the Gwinnett Ballet Theatre offers both classes and performances. On a rainy day, both movie theater cinemas in the town are found to be full of moviegoers, as well as avid film watchers on any given day.

Snellville Days FestivalSnellville spends the first weekend in May called the Snellville Days Festival. This celebration provides fun for residents including a parade, music entertainment, and tons of delicious food. If you are looking for a quiet place to reside in, you’ve come to the right town!

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