Atlanta StreetPrint Services | Creating Textured Asphalt Pavement

Wildcat Offers StreetPrint Options for Atlanta Asphalt

StreetPrint Pavement Texturing is an economical and beautiful alternative to expensive stone, brick, stamped concrete or slate. On warmed asphalt, we stamp a metal wire template into the softened pavement, creating a textured design. For example, if the metal wire template is of many rectangles (much like a brick road) we press that into the warmed asphalt creating a pavement with a similar texture to a brick road. StreetPrint is a  revolutionary process that combines the strength of cement with the flexibility of asphalt through state-of-the-art acrylic/epoxy polymer technology unique to Integrated Paving Concepts.

StreetPrint Pavement Texturing is a decorative paving system that beautifully imprints a “grid style” or “free-style” depressions into the asphalt surface to replicate the look of hand-laid brick or cobblestone, or to create virtually any design imaginable.  The imprinted asphalt surface is coated using the StreetBond Coating System, comprising a combination of cement fortified acrylic resins, epoxy based polymers and a blend of aggregates which have been specially formulated by Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc. for application on asphalt surfaces.  This provides a durable, long lasting color and texture to the asphalt surface.  The coating system can be made to match virtually any color.
The process is proven world-wide with performance in extreme weather conditions from desert to freezing, and a variety of traffic conditions.  In Wildcat’s experience, to StreetPrint Atlanta roads has proven to be the lowest maintenance cost of any other decorative paving system.


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