Wildcat: Striping and Sealing Atlanta Roads and Parking Lots

Crack Filling

The proper use of quality crack sealants extend Atlanta pavement’s lifecycle.  It’s all about getting the longest life out of your pavement at the least cost.  Preservation can cost very little and make a big difference.

Applying a superior crack sealant stops damage caused by water.  It prevents rapid destruction by forming a durable, waterproof bond that effectively welds your pavement back together.  When applied by our skilled staff, crack seal fills in, levels and smooth’s the cracked surface to eliminate trip hazards in parking lots and driveways.  It improves the surface on roadways for a better driving experience (Click to Read More about Asphalt Crack Filling )

Parking Lot Sealcoating Atlanta

By sealcoating your parking lot you will not only be improving the look, you will be taking a proactive, preventative maintenance approach that will improve the lifespan of your existing lot. By sealcoating your parking lot, you’re preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer of asphalt. It prevents water or other liquids from seeping into the asphalt, damaging the undersurface of the asphalt. Not only does it protect, it also beautifies, immediately providing a nice look and smooth surface your customers will be sure to notice. (Click to Read More About Parking Lot Sealcoating)

Parking Lot Striping Atlanta

Another way to improve the look of your parking lot is to update your parking lot striping. Restriping your lot you can add a nice new shiny look, and brighten your lines. You can also add arrows to provide direction to help the safety of the drivers in your lot. Using high quality paint when striping, you will also ensure greater life expectancy. Your customers will appreciate the clear direction and parking space designations – a small, but helpful way to show how you value your customer’s safety (Click to Read More about Parking Lot Striping)

Thermoplastic Striping

Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving has an experienced staff to solve your DOT striping requirements for entrances, decel and intersection improvements using traffic paint, thermoplastic paint and preformed thermoplastic. (Click to Read More about Thermoplastic Striping)

Parking Deck Striping

From removing existing lines, washing and restriping the deck to even reconfiguring the layout, Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving Atlanta can handle all your requirements. (Click to Read More about Parking Deck Striping)


Provides and installs parking lot signs, DOT signs and Street blades on all types of posts and bollards.(Click to Read More DOT Signs)

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