Successful parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA

Successful parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA

Wildcat Striping is Metro Atlanta’s leading company in pavement marking, parking lot maintenance, and other asphalt overhauls. Wildcat Striping was founded in 1980 and currently employs staff experts with 15 – 20 years of tenure with the company. While most customers are located within the Metro Atlanta area, Wildcat Striping will travel out-of-state to complete a project at any customer’s request.

One of our recurrent customers contacted us to perform their parking deck striping job. As we have successfully completed projects for this customer in the past, we immediately began developing a plan to deliver another successful parking deck project.

Our team arrived at the project site with an organized plan. We presented a pragmatic quote for the parking deck striping project. As we have successfully completed parking deck projects in the past, we were confident that we could deliver the result our customer was looking for. Our customer was pleased with our quote and preparation.

We quickly went to work on the parking deck striping and markings. The customer needed both parking spaces striped, as well as directional arrows marked for the project. In a short period of time, we successfully completed the project with minimal disruption to the public. The customer was extremely pleased, stating, “Wildcat has striped almost every parking deck in Metro Atlanta. Nobody does it better [than Wildcat Striping].”

Our successful parking deck striping project in Atlanta, Georgia can be seen in the pictures below.

Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (1)
Parking deck striping job in Atlanta, GA (2)
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