Thermoplastic Striping Near Marietta GA

Thermoplastic Striping Near Marietta GA

As the leading parking lot striping company in Georgia, the experts at Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving recently completed a parking lot striping and signage project for a local commercial client in Adairsville (just north of Marietta GA)

The parking lot and roadway at this local business center was due for an update. One of the biggest signifiers for this particular lot was that the parking lines and road striping was not easily seen during certain weather. This posed as a liability hazard to the owner of the property and the area’s general contractor, who we have worked closely with for years, recommended that we be contacted right away to have the lot repaired.

Our expert striping crew started the project on a Friday, with certified flagmen on site to ensure a safe environment throughout all stages of the project. We used thermoplastic striping on the roadways, which is known for its durability, longevity and reflectivity. Wildcat recommends thermoplastic striping on highly trafficked areas, including busy parking lots and roadways. Another benefit of thermoplastic paint is that it lasts much longer than regular latex paint. We also applied standard traffic paint on parking stalls in addition to adding in new signage to ensure proper and safe traffic flow.

The newly updated parking lot looks fantastic and visitors can now see the lines, signs, and parking stalls any time of day and in any weather. Our clients are pleased.

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