Tucker, GA Project: Seal Coating Atlanta

Tucker, GA Project: Seal Coating Atlanta

Wildcat Striping, Sealing, & Paving recently completed the successful project, “Tucker, GA Project: Seal Coating Atlanta.”  This project showcased our expertise in seal coating and restriping.  The client, a long-time customer, sought help primarily with sealing, crack filling, and striping. To address the issues, our team of experts efficiently executed a comprehensive plan, delivering effective solutions.

Sealing involved applying two spray coats of sealer over 8,960 square yards, adhering to the specifications outlined in the provided sheet.  Three mobilizations were incorporated into the process.  Additionally, 4,226 linear feet of cracks were filled using hot machine applied filler, with a minimum requirement of 1/4″ width and depth.

The restriping process entailed repainting 269 parking spaces, 5 handicap logos, 3 access aisles, 2 crosshatched areas, 18 arrows, and 1 crosswalk, utilizing a single coat of paint. Notably, Wildcat’s commitment to timeliness and precision garnered positive feedback from the client, emphasizing their efficiency and ease to work with.

Wildcat Striping’s successful completion of the Tucker, GA project highlights our proficiency in delivering quality results within the set timeline.  Our seamless execution and customer-centric approach make them a reliable choice for seal coating and striping services.

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