Asphalt Patching the Playground Lot

Recently, Wildcat Striping & Sealing was contacted by the Roswell school district. The Roswell school district needed an area at the Roswell Elementary School District to have some asphalt patching work performed. The area was an asphalt area located at the elementary school close to the playground. The asphalt in this area needed asphalt patching done, so the children could play in this area safely, and it would provide more space for the children to during their recess.

Wildcat Striping & Sealing arrived at the Roswell Elementary School on Saturday morning when the school was not in session so we could work safely without children around. The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew cleaned the asphalt, then starting the asphalt patching process. The crew started excavating the asphalt to the base, then would replace the area with asphalt materials. Asphalt patching would preserve the entire life of the asphalt, and provide durability and safety as well. The Wildcat crew worked Saturday and Sunday until the asphalt patching project was complete.

Wildcat contacted the school district to let them know that the asphalt patching project was completed at the Roswell elementary school, and the children would have a safe area to play during their recess time. We heard back from the school district several days later, and the school district informed us that we did an outstanding job, and now there is more room for the children to play thanks to the asphalt patching work that we provided. Wildcat provides the asphalt patching Roswell can depend on for their and their children’s safety.