Atlanta, GA Crosswalk Gets New Thermoplastic Markings

Atlanta, GA Crosswalk Gets New Thermoplastic Markings

We performed thermoplastic striping at the Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA. Our customer found us from a Yahoo search. The paint they had had faded over time and needed to be redone, and the crosswalk needed new lines and wording. Thermoplastic striping is so popular because it can significantly outlast paint, making it a cost-effective solution. 

For this job, we began by sweeping the surface from any dirt or debris. We used stencils for the lettering to outline where the paint would go. Then we heated the surface with a torch, until it reached a specific temperature and was ready for the paint. Once the surface dried and cooled, it was ready to be driven on. Our customer said our company was very professional from start to finish and the results were fantastic! The lines were neat, straight and wording was done well. Check out our photos below!

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