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Re-striping Brightens Lot Dramatically

In Dunwoody, we had a customer who was in need of getting their parking lot re-striped. They found us through a Google search and after seeing the quality of our work, they knew we were they right company for them. We gave them an estimate, along with available dates to begin. When the day came to re-strip their lot, our crew got together and promptly began working. The old lines were very dull and it gave off a run-down look to the lot and company. When we were done working, our customer said it was just amazing how much brighter the parking lot looked! It looked cared for and updated. He also said that our quality work is just as great in pictures as it is in person.

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Dunwoody re-striping


Dunwoody Asphalt Milling

Maintaining Communication with You

We love communicating with all of our customers, especially in person and over the phone. We also love hearing that our customers visit our website to learn more about our company, see previous work, and learn what we can do for them. Our most recent customer in Dunwoody found us on the Internet and was very pleased with what they were able to discover on our website.

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Dunwoody Parking Lot Asphalt Milling

This particular client booked an appointment after giving us a call and discussing their needs. We were able to supply them with milling services to replace their asphalt. By providing this service, we were able to eliminate and repair many pot poles and cracks that were all over the parking lot. Our client was very happy with the finished product and with how clean we left everything after we packed up and left.

Dunwoody Parking Lot Overlay

Servicing New Customers in Dunwoody

This past week, our experts at Wildcat Striping & Sealing worked diligently on overlaying a parking lot in Dunwoody. We tend to get rather excited when coming into contact with new customers, as was the case for this particular project. Our customer found us on the Internet and decided to use our services – a wise choice we must say!

Dunwoody Parking Lot Overlay

By overlaying their parking lot area, we are able to extend the life of the asphalt and create a smooth, uniform surface for other to use. We pride ourselves on being respectful of others around us, as well as the customer’s space. Our customer was please with how neat we kept our working space during the process and was so happy with how much better the parking lot looked once we were finished. We know that when they need our services again for sealcoating, crack repair, or any of their parking lot need, we will be the first people they call. This makes us proud of all our amazing, trained professionals at Wildcat Striping & Sealing!

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