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Line Striping and Sealcoating project near Lawrenceville GA

One of our long-term commercial partners recently contacted us about their warehouse just north of Lawrenceville Ga in Buford. They needed to provide safe, visible parking spaces for their forklifts. When one of our experienced estimators visited the project site, and they noticed that the concrete floor needed to be sealed before any striping could be laid down.

When properly installed, concrete is one of the most durable paving and flooring options out there. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impervious to wear and tear. Over time, hairline cracks can disrupt the smooth surface and become dangerous. To keep concrete paving or flooring smooth, a professional paving company can pour a layer of epoxy resin that seals and protects the surface.

Our parking lot experts put down a layer of epoxy sealant on around 3,000 square feet of warehouse floor, adding years to its life. After it was cured, the epoxy provided not only grip to prevent accidents but also a smooth surface on which to apply traffic paint. 

With our employees’ experience in installing parking lot and road striping, creating forklift parking spaces for our commercial client was no problem. We successfully laid down over 800 linear feet of high quality traffic paint formulated for visibility and durability, and our client could get back to work quickly. Our client said their new forklift parking area was great! 

Since 1980, Wildcat Striping, Sealing & Paving has been providing the Atlanta, Georgia area with top notch paving and parking lot services. We’ve stayed up to date with all the latest in asphalt paving, and we’ve become the most trusted parking lot maintenance company in the area. If you need help with a paving problem on a commercial property, contact one of our estimators today.

Wildcat Serves HOA with Expert Asphalt Patching in Lawrenceville

A client came to us through a Homeowner’s Association for some Lawrenceville asphalt patching. The client wanted us to patch a bad entranceway into a lot and also a small section by the entrance of a building. The Wildcat Striping & Sealing arrived at the location on time as scheduled.

The Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew started prepping the asphalt to get it ready for the asphalt patching. The crew swept the area thoroughly to remove all dirt and debris from the surface, then the crew started the paLawrenceville Asphalt Project by Wildcattching process. The crew got the entranceway patched, then started on the area by the entrance that the client wanted done by the building. The crew made sure to do the entrance by the building last so we wouldn’t interrupt any business that was being conducted. Once the crew had all the asphalt patching completed, they cleaned up and packed up to go home. The client called the office the following day just to thank the Wildcat Striping & Sealing crew for doing such a wonderful job. The client said she was glad that she was referred to us by the Homeowner’s Association, because we done a fantastic job! She said she will call Wildcat Striping & Sealing for all asphalt patching in Lawrenceville because we provided her with quality services. She said all of our crew members conducted themselves in a professional manner and all work was done in a timely manner, which was important to her.Asphalt Patching in Lawrenceville displayed here

Lawrenceville Paving Contractor gets The Job Done

A Lawrenceville shoe store owner had a few locations throughout town. The parking lots at each store were in various states of disrepair. The store owner had neglected the parking lots because of financial reasons, but now he had to find a paving contractor that could provide an affordable price for all of the parking lots. Wildcat Striping & Sealing was the paving contractor Lawrenceville business owners like him call, because he had heard that Wildcat Striping & Sealing has a great reputation and offered competitive rates. The Wildcat Striping & Sealing team gave the customer an estimate for each store and knocked it out of the park. The Wildcat asphalt crew arrived at each parking lot and repaired each one until they were all done.

The shoe stores now have no problem accommodating its customers, and is able to give personalized service instead of constantly apologizing to their customers for their shabby parking lot. Well, no more thanks to Wildcat Striping & Sealing being the best paving contractor Lawrenceville has. The shoe store owner is ecstatic, but the customers visiting the stores are grateful that the parking lot has been repaired and they don’t have to worry about damaging their vehicles when they need their shoes repaired. Wildcat Striping & Sealing has another happy customer with the outstanding paving work that we provided. That is why we have been named the paving contractor of choice in Lawrenceville!

Parking Lot Striping In Lawrenceville

Parking Lot Striping is a definite specialty here at Wildcat.  We offer a full suite of Parking Lot and other Asphalt Striping services.

Lawrenceville Striping Project

One of our old clients called recently and had a problem with some handicap spaces in their parking lot.  Over time they had faded and did not stand out like the owner of the property wanted them to.  Our striping team was dispatched and the striping job turned out very well.  As you can see in the picture below.  The handicap parking spaces stand out and look great.

Striping a Parking Lot In Lawrenceville, GA

Happy customer in Lawrenceville, GA

Here at Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving we strive to give you the highest quality and the best service available.  After this striping job was complete the owners and managers were very pleased.  They complimented us on our great customer service and were very pleased at the result and how quickly we were able to complete the project.

Thanks for continuing to put your trust in Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving!


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