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Snellville Pothole Repair Pleases Town

In Snellville, we had a customer contact us to fix a pothole. Many people were driving over it and hurting their tires, so they knew they had to act fast. Between the initial phone call to the installation they said our service was very fast, yet accurate and neat. We came out and smoothed over the hole and completed it that same day. Our customer said it didn’t take long before people were thanking him for fixing the issue.

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Snellville Parking Lot Pot Hole Solution Creates Higher Level of Safety

In Snellville, our customer called us to repair a deep pot hole. By properly filling this, we could prevent people from damaging their tires or injuring themselves.  We scheduled a date for us to come out and fix the holes. We were very quick and organized with everything. Our team worked efficiently and solved the problem of the pot hole. Pot holes occurs from the changing seasons and temperature cycles. Water seeps into the cracks, expands and  eventually results in a hole. Fixing these holes by filling them will help a lot and make it easier for cars to drive over. Check out our photo below!

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Snellville Pot Holes

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