Decatur, GA Asphalt Overlay Fixes Drainage Problem & Cracks

A customer in Decatur, GA gave us a call for his parking lot that was needing some major help. When we arrived for the estimate, we saw that the parking lot was covered with cracks. We informed our customer of what our plan was to not only fix the surface, but the drainage problem and he agreed to the price. The problem with asphalt cracks is that water seeps into the crack and creates further issues that can be costly. We began the repair by applying an overlay of 1-inch Permaflex (which is rock mixed with tar). Then we added 1-inch of asphalt on top. Our customer said we did a good job and we were knowledgable about draining issues and were able to fix them. For Decatur’s trustworthy asphalt overlay contractor, click here! 

 Decatur overlay decatur permflex