Douglasville, GA Pothole Patching Smooths High-Traffic Area

Pothole repair on asphalt pavements are a common maintenance service that is performed to extend the life of the surface. It is a very cost-effective, short-term solution. Our customer in Douglasville, GA had a few potholes in their parking lot that needed repair. The holes were located in a high-traffic area,  where trucks passed through often. The holes became an inconvenience and if they were left untreated for much longer, they were going to damage their vehicles. Before we began the service, we informed our customer of the process and how it would solve their problems. It was a quick fix and looked great when we were done! Once the hole was smoothed over, we cleaned up the area and swept away any excess dirt and asphalt. Our customer loves the results!

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Douglasville Pothole Repair