Happy Customer After Parking Lot Sealcoat & Striping in Smyrna, GA

In Smyrna, GA, we had a sealcoat and striping service scheduled for a commercial parking lot. The asphalt had maintenance work done in recent years, so the asphalt was in decent condition. However, the crack fills left stripes throughout the lot that were unattractive. A fresh sealcoat would brighten the lot with a rich black color and with new striping, the lot would look dramatically better. The sealcoat would not only hide the old marks from the crack filling, but fill any other shallow cracks, to provide a durable surface for the upcoming year.  Our customer said that Wildcat Striping & Sealing is the only company they use for any of their asphalt services because we get it right the first time. The parking lot looks brand new! For information on Smyrna’s premium asphalt contractors, click here! 

Smyrna sealcoat Smyrna Striping