Johns Creek Sealed Lot Looks Flawless

Johns Creek Sealed Lot Looks Flawless

In Johns Creek, Georgia, we were working on sealing a parking lot to prevent it from deteriorating.  Our customer was watching part of the process, fascinated by it and said, “what a neat process to watch them squeegee the
sealer on the parking lot.”

The time it takes to seal a parking lot will depend on how large the lot is and how many coats are needed. Sealing can usually be done within one afternoon, but it takes up to 8 hours to dry.  We put on two
coats for this job, and with the drying time, the lot would be ready the next day! Our customer loved our work and their new knowledge of asphalt sealing.
They also commented on how smooth the finished product looked!

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Johns Creek Parking Lot Seal

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