Large Pothole Repair Fixes Eyesore in in Jonesboro, GA

In Jonesboro, GA, a management company called us for a pothole repair in their parking lot. The size of the hole posed a safety hazard and many customers had been complaining. Our customer found us from a Google search and after seeing photos from our work, he felt we were a good company. When we arrived at the parking lot, the pothole was much larger than we expected; it took over two parking stalls! There was one large hole and a couple surrounding it. We swept out the hole, which had sand and crumbled asphalt inside, so we could begin the pothole repair. Once the surface was cleared, we poured in the hot asphalt mix and smoothed it over with our tools. We leveled the surface and compacted it with a vibratory roller. Our customer told us they were impressed with how quickly Wildcat was able to solve their issue. Our team was very efficient and left wonderful results. The patchwork was even and looked great. Our customer was pleased with our work and happy that they no longer have a hazardous eyesore!

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Jonesboro Pothole Patch