Line Striping, Milling and Asphalt Paving in Roswell GA

Line Striping, Milling and Asphalt Paving in Roswell GA

Roswell GA’s most trusted paving company is Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving because we always work with our clients to find the most cost effective and efficient ways to repair their asphalt pavement. A Roswell GA business recently contacted us about their parking lot, which really needed some love.

The top layer of asphalt had become worn down and cracked, and the best professional fix for that kind of damage is asphalt resurfacing. Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving has the right equipment for asphalt milling, which uses a milling machine to grind away the top layer of asphalt, leaving the base layer untouched. To prevent cracks in this underlayer from appearing in the new asphalt, we then applied an inch layer of PermaFlex asphalt blended specifically for milled surfaces, and then an inch layer of smooth asphalt topping. This is an example of how the Wildcat crew uses only the highest quality processes and products for every job.

When the parking lot had been resurfaced using milling and permaflex asphalt, we repainted all the parking signage in the lot using only the most durable reflective traffic paint. We applied two coats of paint during one work day so that we didn’t interrupt business, and we painted not only spaces but arrows, crosshatching, logos, and handicapped parking signage.

Wildcat Striping Sealing & Paving is Roswell GA’s asphalt paving leader because we can help our clients make the best choice for their budgets and their pavement. By using cost effective repair processes like asphalt milling and resurfacing, our clients save money on expensive repaving. If your parking lot needs some love, contact us right away and discover how we can help.

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