Roswell Line Striping Regulates Traffic in Subdivision

A subdivision needed Thermoplastic line striping in Roswell that was also Georgia Department of Transportation approved. Of course, the management companies were long term clients of ours and did not hesitate to call us. When we first got the call we were happy to hear from customers we had serviced with excellent asphalt paving many times previously, and we had a nice time briefly catching up.

They described the nature of the job to us, and it seemed pretty straightforward. We were happy to come out to the site and make sure we could give an accurate estimate. We gave them the estimate and they told us to get started as soon as possible. We were able to come out to the site again later that week, and the whole project took only a couple days. Wildcat is always on time and will always complete any project within the timeframe that is agreed upon between us and our client.Roswell Line Striping Work done by Wildcat

We used our ultra-durable Thermoplastic striping method to mark the appropriate areas and did so without causing too much of a nuisance. We were very glad to do another job well done, and are happy to report that our long time customer will be coming back to us soon for more work. We’re always available via our website or by the phone for Line Striping jobs or paving and asphalt maintenance. We also specialize in asphalt sweeping, overlay, and of course installation as well. If you have any questions about how we did such a great job on this project or for general asphalt inquiries feel free to give us a call, and we would be happy to speak with you.

Thermoplastic Striping in Roswell

Thermoplastic Striping: The Way to Go

When it comes to resurfacing of major roads and highways, thermoplastic striping is the way to go. At Wildcat Striping & Sealing, we perform high quality thermoplastic striping due to the strength of bonding power over regular latex paint.

Thermoplastic Striping in Roswell

Roswell Thermoplastic Striping

Our client in Roswell understands this, as we received a call from them after they had seen one of our many trucks driving around completing various projects. This client’s roads had no striping work done, which can create difficulty for drivers, as there is no guidance and structure to where they are to drive. We worked to produce better traffic flow through thermoplastic striping. Our client was pleased with the appearance of the road and how quickly we were able to complete the job, which we tend to hear a lot!

Parking Lot Striping Roswell, GA

Our latest project was completed in Roswell, Georgia. The apartment building was beautiful, but its parking lot needed some updating. We refurbished the black-top of the parking lot to protect it from damage and proceeded to re-strip the entire area to improve the overall appearance. The finished project was a beautiful improvement both visually and functionally.

Roswell Parking Lot Striping Wildcat