New Sealcoat for Atlanta, GA Parking Lot

A deteriorated parking lot is an eye sore for everyone. Not only is it unattractive, but it can become very costly when it is neglected for long periods of time. A sealcoat is less expensive than a paving job, and benefits the asphalt with a seal of protection against weathers elements. It was obvious that this Atlanta parking lot in particular needed some attention and a sealcoat, at minimum. Our team swept the lot clean from all debris and leaves that had gotten in the way. This was a wooded area, so sweeping was necessary. We also sprayed the asphalt with water to wash away any other loose gravel. Then, we applied the sealcoat evenly and blocked off the entrance to allow proper drying. Our customer said we were very neat and clean throughout the process and it looked so much better!

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Atlanta parking lot sealcoat