New Sealcoat Makes Significant Improvement for Douglasville Parking Lot

We were scheduled in Douglasville to give service for a customer. The customer needed to have her parking lot sealcoated. It’s a good thing to have routine sealcoating done to a parking lot, because it keeps the asphalt durable and strong, and it provides curb appeal. The crew arrived on time and started cleaning the parking lot. The crew made sure there were no holes or cracks that needed repair, then proceeded to sealcoat the parking lot. Once the sealcoating was completed, the crew asked the customer to come out and inspect the parking lot. We try to never leave a job until the customer looks over our work. She said our staff was very courteous while working on the project and it made a significant difference to the parking lot.

Wildcat Striping & Paving would like to thank you for trusting us with your parking lot and business. We understand the importance of having a safe and reliable parking lot for your customers. Wildcat Striping & Paving would like to let you know that you can add life and durability to your asphalt with our maintenance programs. We also offer parking lot patching and striping too. Contact Wildcat Striping & Paving and let us discuss our services to keep your parking lot safe and long-lasting. For asphalt repairs Douglasville business owners depend on, click here!

Douglasville parking lot sealcoat