School Requests Parking Lot Paving in Douglasville

A school in contacted us for our excellent Douglasville Parking Lot Paving services. They needed part of the parking lot pictured here to have sealcoating applied and to be restriped. The school administrators were new clients of ours so we really hoping to impress them by performing our top notch, professional services. We first gave them a bid, which they ultimately accepted. There a re a couple of factors that set us apart when we give an estimate. We generally have the resources (including infrastructure and crew size) to give a very fair price on the work we do. We also possess equipment that includes some of the latest asphalt paving technology available. This gives us a bit of an edge sometimes and has streamlined our process to make it more effective and less costly. This allows us to pass the savings onto all of our clients.

School Receives Douglasville Parking Lot pavingWe went out to the school the following week and completed the work in a very timely manner. We came away from the job with some really great feedback, and we have a feeling we’ll be hearing back from this school the next time they need some asphalt contracting work done. They told us they were very impressed with how new the parking lot looked and were quite surprised and how much of an improvement it made to the overall appearance of the property. The administrator who was our lead contact also told us that he had received many comments on how neat the process was and that it was appreciated that big mess and a big fuss was avoided. We told the school to give us a call any time and were happy to do a great job in the Douglasville community.