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How Long Do Parking Lot Stripes Last?

Parking lot stripes can vary on how long they can last before fading. The factors that determine the life of parking life stripes are the weather and the traffic that is on the parking lot. Some parking lots can have their stripes re-done every few years, while other businesses have to have their parking lot stripes done every other year.

How Long Do Parking Lot Stripes LastA well maintained parking lot and with bold, clear stripes is essential for any business. Parking lot stripes not only make the lot look better, but also provide safety to pedestrians and drivers. The stripes will allow a driver to know that they are in an allotted space, while the pedestrian stripes will keep traffic safe while crossing the street.

How do you know when it is time to have your parking lot stripes done? When your stripes are faded and cannot be seen clearly. Parking lot stripes can be done quickly and only needs 24 hours to dry completely. Many contractors can schedule a time when your business is closed to complete the striping process. The contractor can also go over other options for your parking lot such as redesigning the spaces in the parking lot to get more parking at your business, or adding directional arrows to show traffic how to get to your business.

There is an added benefit to having parking lot stripes. As drivers, we do not really realize the importance of the parking lot stripes, until you go out to your car and see a car directly next to your car; there isn’t enough space to even open your door! The other car has come over the parking lot stripe and is not in your space. Striping works to prevent this issue by adding boundaries to all drivers to stay in their allotted space.

The best time to get your parking lot stripes redone is when they are beginning to fade. This can happen fairly quickly if you are in an area where you experience very hot weather and freezing temperatures. The stripes can crack and fade due to the weather, but the cost is quite affordable. Call your local contractor to get a bid on redoing all the stripes in your parking lot. Not only will you be happy, but your customers will be as well. There is nothing better to a customer’s first impression than a well maintained parking lot.

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Douglasville Warehouse Restriping

Douglasville Warehouse Restriping

Recently in Douglasville, our technicians at Wildcat worked to remove the existing lines in a warehouse for restriping for our client. Our client was happy with the organizational skills involved in completing our work. They also were surprised with how great of a job we did in the short time frame we allotted, as the deadline seemed impossible to meet.

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Striping Removal Atlanta Airport

Striping Removal Atlanta Airport

Overtime, your striping may fade and wear away, or it may not be positioned accurately anymore. At Wildcat, we are able to perform striping removal services for you, regardless of the type of striping. At the Atlanta Airport, we were able to removed existing stripe lines so they could be reconfigured and restriped. Our client commented on how fast we completed the project and how it did not cause much of a disturbance at the bustling airport.

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