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New Thermoplastic Bike Path Striping in Atlanta!

Our customer in Atlanta, Georgia called us about having a bike path installed and D.O.T. striping for the path. Our customer called us after finding us on a Google search and saw that our reviews are great! After scheduling an appointment, we arrived at the location later that week.  Our crew got to work with installing the bike path & D.O.T striping. This striping is made with a special coating of glass beads to create a reflection at nighttime.  Our customer said our work was great!  This striping is great because it doesn’t crack with the temperature changes due to weather. Check out our work in the photo below!

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Atlanta Thermoplastic striping

Alpharetta Road Thermoplastic Striping Meets Deadline

In Alpharetta, Georgia, our customer called about getting their road striped with thermoplastic striping.  If you are unfamiliar with thermoplastic striping, it is different than just a painted stripe.  It is a highly reflective, long-lasting pavement marking material that resists cracking during the freeze and thaw temperature cycles.  To make the stripes reflective, glass beads are dropped into the thermoplastic material.  Our customer found us in a Google search and found our reviews to be great, so they contacted us.  The process from start to finish was very fast and met the deadline that they were hoping for, which was within just a few short days.  The final product looked great!   Check out our photos below to see our work! Click on the link for more info on the Thermoplastic striping Leaders, Wildcat Striping!

alpharetta road striped

Atlanta Thermoplastic Striping for Community

Our customer out in Atlanta was needing bike lanes to be installed for the community. They made a Google search and contacted us right away. The work that we performed was Thermoplastic striping. Our team came out and were very efficient with the work. We gave them a time frame of how long it would take and kept within it. Our clean up was spotless and our customer said that they would definitely use us again!

If you are needing thermoplastic striping, look no further. We are the industry leaders and take pride in our work. If you would like to learn more about the asphalt leaders, Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving, click here.


Sandy Springs Thermoplastic Striping

Our client in Sandy Springs, Georgia, was needing state-regulated D.O.T. thermoplastic striping to be applied to their roads. We came out to their location and able to control the traffic effectively. When we were done, our client was pleased, and happy with knowing that the roads are safer and the D.O.T. will pass it.

Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving can handle any size job! It is our goal to be the one place to go for all of your parking lot and asphalt needs. We offer free estimates and guarantee our work. To learn more about the services that Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving offers, click here!


Augusta Roads get Thermoplastic Striping

Our client from Augusta, Georgia, came into contact with us after a Bing search. Their issue was that they were needing D.O.T Thermoplastic Striping after the state had regulated striping on the roads for better traffic flow. Our client said that we were ready on time and finished the job promptly. They commented, “they did a fantastic job and got it done in the correct time frame.”

Call our office today and one of our experienced and friendly experts will come out to your property to discuss how we can extend the life of your surface and give you the function and design that works for you!

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Thermoplastic Striping Atlanta

Thermoplastic Striping is Important for Safety

When striping lines of the roads fade, drivers have a lack of guidance on where they need to be driving to remain safe. This becomes even more dangerous when weather conditions further prevent drivers from seeing the roads, such as heavy rainfalls, bright sunlight, or snow.

3-12 Felder-Road-2

Restriping Atlanta

In Atlanta, our client needed our services in restriping their roads, because their old thermoplastic striping had faded. They were amazed at how great our traffic control was and how fast we were able to complete the job.

Athens Warehouse Striping

Thermoplastic Striping: Warehouse in Athens, GA

While it may not be the first service you think of when you hear Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving, we do offer striping for business warehouses. Recently, we were contacted to stripe a warehouse in Athens. We striped large numbers to make areas in the warehouse for the company to organize their merchandise into specific areas.

Warehouse Striping Athens

Our client was happy that we were able to complete the striping without disrupting the bustling work flow in the warehouse. The striping helped their organization efforts, and therefore the efficiency of the work day.

Sandy Springs Striping

Thermoplastic Striping

Thermoplastic striping not only looks great once it has been freshly done, but it is important to your safety, whether it be in a parking lot or on the road. Your safety is put at risk when you cannot see road striping, and could lead to potential car accidents. If there are not any visible stripes in a parking lot, parking will not be efficient and may not hold as many vehicles as it could with striping.

Sandy Springs Thermoplastic Striping

Sandy Springs Road Striping

In Sandy Springs, we completed thermoplastic road striping for our client. They were happy with how professional we were in completing the process, along with the fact that we got it done in the given time frame.

Bollard Installation Atlanta

Bollards Installation for Safety

Installing bollards in your parking lot area provide safety to your customers, as people tend to be less cautious when they are entering and exiting the parking lot area. Bollards keep your parking area and customers safe from any damage.

Atlanta Bollards and Thermoplastic Striping

In Atlanta, our client was in need of our bollard installation and thermoplastic striping services for their ticket booth. We added arrows to help direct traffic, as well as bollards to protect the ticket booth structure. Our client claimed that we were very professional and could git the job done without much interruption.

If you need help with your traffic direction and parking lot organization, call Wildcat today.

Atlanta, GA | Thermoplastic Striping

Dedicated to Keeping Everyone Safe

We are proud to serve each and every one of our customers in order to keep them safe and far from danger. Poor roads, lack of road signs, guardrails, and striping increases the risk of danger, which is precisely why our most recent client in Atlanta gave us a call.

Atlanta, GA Thermoplastic Striping

Our new client was in need of proper DOT reflective striping for their road, so they gave the professionals at Wildcat Striping, Sealing and Paving a call. During the process, they noticed we got the job done very quickly and without any disruption, which they did not expect! They were happy with the technicians assigned to the project, as they knew a lot about DOT striping and were great in helping the general contractor with what was needed for the DOT inspection.


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