Crack Filling and Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA

Crack Filling and Asphalt Repair in Atlanta GA

When it comes to asphalt repair In Atlanta GA,, Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving is the go-to asphalt repair contractor for parking lot repair services like crack filling and sealcoating that can revitalize a worn parking lot. We recently improved an Atlanta GA parking lot with services like this, making it good as new. 

After searching for “best parking lot repair in Atlanta GA,” our new client called Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving. We sent an estimator out to the property to look a the damage and see what we can do. This parking lot was suffering from cracks that were so bad, grass was growing out of them! The first step is always consulting with the property owner to determine what services will best help their asphalt without going out of budget.

Once we’d worked up a detailed paving estimate, the Wildcat crew got out to the property and got to work in three different mobilizations to complete everything. First we cleaned the grass from about 3700 linear feet of cracks and filled them with high-quality asphalt crackfill product. Next, we applied two different coats of sealcoating over the entire asphalt area to seal in the crack repair and create a smooth new asphalt surface that’s protected from further wear and tear. Next, we performed line striping services, painting 228 parking spaces, handicapped parking and access symbols, a crosswalk, as well as curb painting. 

The experienced paving contractors at Wildcat Striping Sealing and Paving were able to bring this worn Atlanta GA parking lot back to full function, as good as new! If you’re looking for this kind of paving service for your parking lot or any kind of commercial asphalt pavement, contact us right away!

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